Staffseoul Company started out in March 2000 as an association of professional staffs encompassing a producer, production manager, technical director, stage managers and sound director. Staffseoul was born out of a common understanding that performing arts should refrain from being a closed system to move toward an open structure that offers diverse range of experience for performing arts experts.

Based on the wide range of experience of the performing arts, the company strives to provide expertise in production of performing arts and efficient set-up of various operational systems for the general operation of performing arts. Every staff at our company is ready to get involved at every stage of production, from practice sessions to the actual staging of works, and remains dedicated to our individual responsibilities.

Only an open system that allows high-level of cooperation and collaboration can allow each specialist in the field to offer his very best. Staffseoul wishes to introduce more organic and mutually beneficial system that moves away from the existing hierarchical working structure. Our efforts in that regard are not limited to our staff but are promoted in forging working relations with our clients.


Woongjip Choi